Located in northeast of China, Hongli Paper Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. Hongli Paper supplies paper toilet seat cover, paper towels, test bed paper, dispensers and other sanitary products. Hongli’s factory is one of the earliest manufacturers of tissue paper in China, and converted to produce toilet seat cover paper in 1999, with its quality products and professional service, toilet seat covers have been sold to America, Europe, South America, Middle East, South East Asia, about more than 40 countries.

Hongli products such as toilet seat covers and paper towels are appointed used in many famous hotels in the world. Especially toilet seat cover offer you an barrier of anti-bacterial protection from germs on public toilet seats, and it is biodegradable, flushable and ecofriendly. Hongli can supply more than 100 million paper toilet seat covers each month. A team of specialists is available to provide customized solutions as well as implementation assistance.We commit that we will realize 100% customer satisfaction.

Hongli always cares about mankind’s health and contribute to a better living all over the world.




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